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Simplify your marketing co-op funding in the Healthcare and Wellness industry with a decade of Mani Media’s expertise, allowing you to concentrate solely on acquiring loyal customers for your trusted health and wellness products.

Mani Media enhances your online presence, ensuring customers can easily discover your offerings through search engines, social media, and strategic ads. Many experienced healthcare and wellness companies grapple with outdated websites, which can hinder their success.

Optimizing co-op funds is a complex task for healthcare and wellness firms. With 8 years of expertise, Mani manages US marketing, enabling you to focus on customer relations. Elevate your online presence through Mani Media, streamlining discovery via search, social, and strategic ads. We craft modern, SEO-optimized websites, foster trust, and leverage co-op funds in collaboration with partners like Microsoft, Adobe, and Oracle to expand your customer base.

With Our Tailored Approaches for Healthcare and Wellness Retailers, You'll:

Safeguard Market Presence Against Emerging Healthcare Competitors

Foster Trust and Forge Connections with Your Target Audience Across Multiple Channels

Tap into Expertise from Marketing Specialists Proficient in Co-Op Collaborations

Explore our nationally recognized marketing innovation and learn how our data attribution techniques fuel unparalleled ROI growth through meticulously optimized campaigns for the healthcare and wellness industry.

Step into the forefront of healthcare and wellness marketing with our renowned approach. Discover the transformative potential of our advanced data attribution methods, revolutionizing campaign optimization to deliver tailored ROI enhancements in the healthcare and wellness sector

Choosing the Best Marketing Partner for Healthcare and Wellnes

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Partnering with Mani Media has been a transformative experience for our DFX company. Their expertise enabled us to craft a compelling brand identity, while their strategic implementation of SEO and social media advertising propelled us to effectively engage our desired clientele, driving a substantial upswing in our online sales. The tangible outcomes we've achieved underscore our profound satisfaction with the collaboration.
Mickel D.
Partner & CEO, Telecommunication Company


Avg. rank on Google for top keywords


CTR on Google Ads campaign


Increase in website


Avg. monthly frequency rate with Facebook ads

Engaging with Mani Media marked a pivotal turning point for our technology venture, Zenpal. Leveraging their adept guidance, we harnessed the power of a resonating brand identity. This foundation, artfully laid, was fortified by their strategic orchestration of SEO and social media advertising. The results spoke volumes: our intended audience was not only reached but thoroughly captivated, culminating in a noteworthy surge in online sales.
Josephine Lora
CEO, Bulk Meg Apps Company


Gain in organic rank


ROI on Google Ads


ROI on Facebook Ads


Decrease cost of acquisition

Embarking on a collaborative journey with NAMA, our innovative Moto Tech Company, witnessed a profound evolution. Guided by their seasoned expertise, we meticulously sculpted an impactful brand identity that resonated with our audience. Seamlessly interweaving their strategic prowess in SEO and social media advertising, we charted a trajectory to authentically engage our target demographic.
Founder, Moto Tech Company


ROI (ad click to funded app)


Reduction in cost to acquire a member


Conversion rate


Organic traffic growth YOY

Elevate Your Healthcare and Wellness Business with a Standout Strategy.

Websites & SEO

Our dynamic websites with strong SEO draw in your perfect audience and are designed to enhance sales and generate leads, boosting your revenue

Product Marketing

rofessionally crafted content educates and engages your potential customers across all platforms, fostering trust and loyalty.

Product Paid Advertising

Our skill in customizing, targeting, and optimizing search and social ads not only introduces your brand to countless new customers but also drives substantial revenue growth.

We Help to Grow Your Business to Next Level

Marketing Data & Tactic Audit

Marketing Data & Tactic Audit

We conduct a comprehensive analysis of your current marketing data and strategies to gain insights into what has been working and what hasn’t. This helps us identify areas for improvement and develop a customized marketing plan that aligns with your business goals.

Digital Marketing
Ad & Business Development Strategy

Ad & Business Development Strategy

We create a growth strategy that combines our proven tactics for the technology and software industry with insights gained from our audit, as well as any specifications from your preferred manufacturer. This helps us develop a comprehensive marketing plan that can help you achieve your business goals.

Business Strategy
Analyze Data & Optimize

Analyze Data & Optimize

With our data tracking in place, we analyze your campaigns regularly to optimize our tactics and improve your ROI. This helps you stay ahead of the competition and dominate your region.

Data & Optimize

Frequently Asked Questions
About Healthcare and Wellness

Our agency offers a comprehensive range of marketing services tailored to suit the unique needs of healthcare and wellness businesses. From digital ad management, SEO, and social media, to website design/development, creative services, and content marketing, we have over a decade of experience in providing these services to healthcare and wellness enterprises of all sizes. Whether you need expert execution of your existing marketing plan or are focused on growth and exploring potential strategies, we’re here to help you achieve your goals.

We’ve helped numerous clients in the healthcare and wellness industry achieve impressive outcomes, including:
• A 500% ROI through Google Ads
• A 600% ROI through Facebook Ads
• A 30% conversion rate enhancement on new websites
• Expanding social media fan base from 300 to over 30,000 followers
• A 350% boost in organic search ranking
• Garnering a 70% surge in 5-star Google Reviews
• Achieving a 50% reduction in customer acquisition costs.

A sales funnel represents the customer journey when acquiring healthcare or wellness products or services. While the specific steps may vary among businesses, there’s typically a consistent pattern in the sales process within the healthcare and wellness industry. By gaining an in-depth understanding of your sales funnel, we can optimize each stage to attract, engage, and convert potential customers. We also introduce automation to ensure valuable leads aren’t lost. Through our partnership, we gather data to identify potential drop-off points in your sales funnel, allowing us to address any issues and enhance your conversion rate in the healthcare and wellness market.

A comprehensive marketing strategy can greatly benefit your healthcare or wellness business by increasing brand visibility, attracting new patients or clients, and fostering customer loyalty. It can also help you effectively communicate your services, build trust, and ultimately drive revenue growth.

Yes, our agency has extensive experience working with healthcare and wellness businesses of all sizes, ranging from small practices to large healthcare organizations. Our tailored approach ensures that we can meet the unique needs and objectives of each client, regardless of their size.

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