Founded in 2011 in Toronto, Mani Media now has operations in four cities across Canada. We’re a full service digital marketing agency with a proven track record in search engine optimization, content marketing, web design and social media.

We work with a diverse range of clients across all sectors, and each project we undertake is tailored to the precise goals of that campaign. Our expert team of 95 digital experts comprised of designers, writers, web developers, analysts and search specialists who combine to provide a truly bespoke service.

Succeeding in digital marketing means staying ahead of the game, so we invest significant time and resources into research and development, ensuring our clients get the best advice both now and for the future.

Our approach to the marketing mix is visitor-centered, examining each interaction with our client brands. From ads to webpages to social media presence, we optimize each step along the way to deliver cumulative improvements.

Quality Over Quantity

From the beginning, our focus has always been on providing a best-in-class service, never compromising on quality, never taking shortcuts. This outlook is reflected in our brand values, which guide our approach to everything we do.


We work at the forefront of new technology, new processes, new media. We don’t follow the market, we lead from the front, providing a premium service.


We deploy the highest quality data, analysis, and research to inform each project. We’re person centered, analyzing visitor behavior and optimizing our strategy in response


We champion a collaborative approach to marketing, communicating effectively with our clients to maximize results. We form lifelong partnerships, not transient links.


We never give up in the pursuit of excellence. Faced by challenges, we attack the problem from another angle until we find the right solution.


We match our approach to the specific needs of the client. Every project is bespoke - tailored to the environment, the industry and the target demographic.


We are innovative, bold, and we stand out from the crowd. Our output is always original, never recycling someone else’s idea or copying another style.


We know how to seek out the key idea, the killer line, the world beating product - to capture, enthuse and excite our client’s audience.
We promise

As a customer-centric company we aim to help you align your marketing and services to your customer's needs, to build a foundation for future growth.

The services that Mani Media provides is unmatched, They are a team of professionals who are all experienced in their line of work. Changed my business completely. Thanks Mani Media!"

Jessie CohenOwner of Europa Eyewear


Our process is our bread and butter. We live by it through every project to ensure our clients success.

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