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  1. Budget & Impressions

Another aspect to optimize toward is your budget and impression share . This is particularly relied on heavily in bidding on your own branded terms. If you are falling behind on shares due to a limited budget, reexamine how you have your budget allocated.

     2. Date and Time 

In addition to changing bids by time of day or day of the week is another option. Excluding certain times of day or days of the week based on performance ensures you maximize results. As a best practice, I usually recommend going into Account Settings > Ad Schedule and adding it there since it’s visible even when you don’t log in to AdWords directly. This will let you see if your plan is working better at any given moment instead of having to manually check each and every day!


   3. Keywords

Keywords bid adjustments continue to be mentioned, but another aspect that needs to be reviewed is simply your keywords’ performance against the goal. Has there been any particular group of keywords that have not performed in spite of search queries, making bid adjustments, testing landing pages, and testing in new match types?

     4. Landing Pages 

Landing pages often get held up in comparison to ad copy because they’re not a part of the Ads account directly. This is a common mistake among marketers, but we want you to understand that landing pages are crucial aspects of an advertising campaign’s performance!

  5. Audience

When you are setting up your remarketing campaign, make sure you add as many audiences as you’d like at an aggregate level in order to really see how certain demographics are performing vs. others. Then, if you want to market something different to a certain demographic (i.e., if men prefer certain types and colours of earbuds more than women, for example) then you can set it up specifically by creating different remarketing lists and adjusting bids based on relative performance later on.

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