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We hope you find this helpful! Some of the terms used in this introductory content might sound a little technical at first, but don’t get discouraged as we’ve only just begun to explore these concepts.

Paid Media, Paid Search and PPC

Paid search is intimidating because there are lots of terms to get familiar with. But that’s why we put them all together in one place and made this guide! We wanted to share the basics of paid search – including ad formats and PPC tactics, to help businesses learn more about paid search, making it easier to get started.

1. More visibility

Optimizing your site could eventually get your brand and offer to the top of search results, but paid search advertising can get you there immediately. Whether you’re a small startup business trying to build your online presence, or a large organization with an already existing reputation, paid ads are perfect for quickly getting in front of high-intent search prospects.

2. More traffic

Page traffic may eventually increase from organic optimizations. Yet, there is hardly any waiting to see a bump in traffic when paid ads are in effect. This is especially true for newer companies attempting to get their name out in the market and companies targeting specific organic terms that they aren’t currently ranking for.

3. Highly interested prospects

Since paid search ads target specific search queries, people who see your ads were already searching for a solution like yours. They’re not just people arbitrarily surfing the web; rather, they’re likely interested in evaluating your product or service, either now or in the near future.

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