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Setting Up Tracking Key Metrics for Comprehensive Brand Strategy Management

Mani Media generate impactful outcomes for our clients by intertwining significant data with precise attribution, identifying optimal customer acquisition channels tailored to your business.

Numerous businesses overlook the vital link between their marketing endeavors and revenue-driven objectives, resulting in an inability to assess the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Rather than emulating the strategies of your competitors, you have the chance to distinguish yourself. Our approach involves delving into your data to unearth the most fitting opportunities.

Equipped with an Effective Brand Strategy , Comprehensive Data Tracking, and Precise Attribution, You'll Attain:

Strategic Brand Enhancement

Unlock the Power of an Effective Brand Strategy

Data-Driven Insights

Elevate Your Brand with Comprehensive Data Tracking

Precise Attribution Mastery

Achieve Brand Success through Precise Attribution Techniques

Partnering with Mani Media has been a transformative experience for our DFX company. Their expertise enabled us to craft a compelling brand identity, while their strategic implementation of SEO and social media advertising propelled us to effectively engage our desired clientele, driving a substantial upswing in our online sales. The tangible outcomes we've achieved underscore our profound satisfaction with the collaboration.
Mickel D.
Partner & CEO, Telecommunication Company


Avg. rank on Google for top keywords


CTR on Google Ads campaign


Increase in website


Avg. monthly frequency rate with Facebook ads

Engaging with Mani Media marked a pivotal turning point for our technology venture, Zenpal. Leveraging their adept guidance, we harnessed the power of a resonating brand identity. This foundation, artfully laid, was fortified by their strategic orchestration of SEO and social media advertising. The results spoke volumes: our intended audience was not only reached but thoroughly captivated, culminating in a noteworthy surge in online sales.
Josephine Lora
CEO, Bulk Meg Apps Company


Gain in organic rank


ROI on Google Ads


ROI on Facebook Ads


Decrease cost of acquisition

Embarking on a collaborative journey with NAMA, our innovative Moto Tech Company, witnessed a profound evolution. Guided by their seasoned expertise, we meticulously sculpted an impactful brand identity that resonated with our audience. Seamlessly interweaving their strategic prowess in SEO and social media advertising, we charted a trajectory to authentically engage our target demographic.
Founder, Moto Tech Company


ROI (ad click to funded app)


Reduction in cost to acquire a member


Conversion rate


Organic traffic growth YOY

Ensure Your Strategy Packs a Punch and Can Be Easily Tracked

Let Us Walk You Through the Process:

Linking Data with Revenue

We employ advanced methodologies to comprehend the ways customers discover your brand.

Sketching a Well-Defined Strategy

We shape a specific phased strategy based on your data and growth objectives. It's uniquely crafted for your business, distinct from competitors' replicas.

Implement & Enhance

We act on the strategy, collecting data at each stage. We bolster successes and cut non-performing elements to boost your ROI.

Our Brand Strategy for Elevated Engagement & Revenue via Social Media

Exploring Data in Depth

Prior to offering suggestions, it’s essential to grasp your initial position and identify your customers’ preferred platforms.

Evaluate Multi Channels

At Mani Media, we employ our KPIs for accurate conversion attribution, fueling a substantial ROI increase. attribution, driving ROI growth.

Continuous Refinement

We employ our established KPIs to ensure accurate conversion attribution, resulting in a substantial surge in your ROI.

Frequently Asked Questions
About Brand Strategy

At Mani Media, we harness the power of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to quantify our accomplishments. These measurable benchmarks are critical for assessing business performance. Our selection of KPIs varies depending on the strategy, campaign, or objectives in focus. Financial KPIs encompass elements like revenue, profit margin, lifetime value, and cost per acquisition. On the other hand, customer-centric KPIs may include indicators such as customer satisfaction rate and customer churn rate.

Completely fine if your company has limited historical data for our initial analysis. With over a decade of expertise, we possess a range of proven strategies that we can kick-start as we commence the process of gathering valuable insights. As time progresses, we’ll evaluate successful approaches and make adjustments where needed to steer toward your growth objectives.

We leverage the potential of Looker Studio, also referred to as ‘Google Data Studio,’ to craft and oversee vital campaign metrics. Seamlessly integrating ad platforms, SEO monitoring tools, and diverse Martech resources with Looker Studio via APIs, we deliver personalized, up-to-the-moment reporting to our clients. These bespoke reports empower clients to review their campaign’s performance on demand. Moreover, these comprehensive insights form the cornerstone of our client interactions, ensuring our collective efforts remain aligned with achieving our predefined objectives.

Absolutely! A significant portion of our clientele arrives with an established marketing strategy. Our role often involves overseeing specific tactics such as content marketing, digital advertising, SEO, and more.

Harmonize your endeavors seamlessly with bold growth ambitions or seek guidance in formulating effective marketing strategies. Through a series of immersive sessions involving your company’s key stakeholders, we meticulously dissect your products, objectives, and competitive landscape. Our approach encompasses an in-depth exploration of diverse customer acquisition channels, conceptualizing potent ideas for each, and rigorously prioritizing these concepts. The culmination is a structured marketing strategy that unfolds in strategic phases. As a cornerstone of Mani Media’s role, we forge a synergistic partnership with your organization to tackle pivotal growth challenges. Moreover, we institute streamlined internal processes to fortify upcoming marketing endeavors.

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