Rethink Marketing

A Good Agency Solves A Problem. A Bad Agency Will Create One.

Everything good is art but that doesn’t make it subjective. We treat all the work we do as an artist, but we don’t forget that all of this work has to be rooted in science. That’s why we follow a proven process and methodology when it comes to designing your marketing strategy because getting it right means building a winning campaign in the end!



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During our initial consultation we learn about your business and the issues you’re having and in exchange we share with you some of the strengths that set us apart from the competition. During our discovery stage, we will help you discover online marketing strategies that work for your business to help you be efficient and effective. The next step is to create a plan which outlines all the methods used to gain results or promote your brand or company.

Step 2:


We do research that sheds light on information from the past, present, and intended outcomes which will enable us to carry out discussions regarding how we can best advise you as an business when it comes down to building brand awareness for your specific industry and niche. We build keyword lists and identify market niches so we will make sure that we are able to provide you with several creative suggestions along the way. We conduct research on your specific niche and business plan so we can ensure the best success for your overall goals during our time together as partners.

Step 3:

Identify Objectives

Once we’ve outlined plans and agreed on the terms, then comes the next part of your project – evaluating objectives. This step marks the creation of the company’s campaign objectives. From here, we’ll set goals and evaluate how effectively our marketing efforts performed according to those key performance indicators that we’ll jointly agree upon.

Step 4:

MMX Meeting

Our team uses a cycle of teamwork we call R.A.C.E which stands for Reach, Act, Convert and Engage. This methodology enables us to work efficiently to meet targets along the path of the strategy through our rigorous system. That is why we set up a MMX meeting to ensure our team is optimizing your campaign for the best results.

Step 5:

Launch and Monitor

When you launch your ads, we use a variety of tests to ensure that your ads perform as intended. We want to make sure your audience are landing where they’re expected and following the behaviors you expect of them. Our team also closely monitors success metrics from the ads in order to fine tune. Once we’ve identified customer groups and determined your messaging, a good idea would be to run ad-split tests on competitor sites (sites similar to yours) in order to see what kind of message resonates with people the most when adhered to the concept that underlines the entire product or service.

Step 6:

Learn, Optimize and Scale

We watch your metrics the way a farmer would his crops. If there is something that seems off, we explore to see what’s wrong and then come up with a plan to correct any such issues. By checking in more regularly and being more involved in the process as opposed to something less hands-on like just broadcasting a message or advert, our team is much closer to ensuring that your platform exhibits optimal functionality for you on an individual level. Again, regular reports help keep everyone informed throughout the campaign.

Step 7:

Start Over From Step 4

There is no status quo at Mani Media. We are constantly analyzing, reviewing and improving our client’s accounts to make sure we are delivering the best value. One of the ways we do this is by performing root cause analysis. Whenever a manual or automated action has resulted in an exception, any affected areas will be reviewed as well – looking for patterns that may need addressing as part of continuous improvement.

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