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Search engines have gotten a lot better at recognizing and understanding content, as well as working out what kind of content is valuable to users. This means the days of simply setting up a website and filling it with thousands of words are over.

In an ever-changing digital world, SEO Power allows your practice to stay ahead of these changes and adapt quickly to rise to the top resulting in more visitors to your site and more leads in your target market.

Did you know?


page one results get 90% of all traffic from the average Google search.


If you land on the third page of search results, your chances of being noticed are approximately 1%.


of the average searchers will proceed to the second page of Google results.

Proven SEO Strategies

Our platform implements proven strategies to rank higher in relevant searches and attract potential clients.

  • On-Page SEO — Your basic website keywords and organization are constantly optimized so you appear higher in search results

    Link Building — Convey to Google that you are a trustworthy and credible resource

    Monthly Blogs* — Increase your visibility by keeping your website fresh and relevant with content through consistent blogging

  • Content Optimization* — Keep website visitors engaged and increase conversions by improving and creating a variety of content types

    Advanced Schema SEO* — Helps search engines understand your site’s content better.

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