Digital Marketing Strategy Boosts Brand Presence and Sales for Cannabis-Infused Beverage Company

about high tide

High Tide is a recently established business that specializes in producing cannabis-infused beverages. Their range of drinks includes a full spectrum Kobucha, which is created using solely vegan ingredients and is infused with organic cannabis extracts sourced sustainably.

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The Challenges

The High Tide faced several challenges in building their brand presence, generating traffic, and increasing sales. One of their main issues was their brand image, which lacked a distinctive identity and failed to communicate their unique value proposition to potential customers.

They also struggled with increasing their organic traffic to the website. Despite having a functional website, their content was not optimized for search engines, making it challenging for potential customers to find them through organic searches.

Furthermore, the High Tide paid advertising campaigns were not targeted effectively, resulting in low click-through rates and minimal conversions. They were spending a significant amount of their budget on advertising without seeing a proportional increase in sales.

The company also had a high bounce rate on their website, indicating that visitors were leaving the site without engaging or making a purchase. This issue was due to several factors, including a lack of compelling content, a confusing website layout, and slow loading times.

Finally, the company did not have an effective email marketing campaign in place to connect with potential customers and keep them engaged. This resulted in a missed opportunity to build a loyal customer base and increase repeat sales.

Overall, the cannabis-infused beverage company faced a significant challenge in creating a strong brand presence, generating traffic, and increasing sales. These challenges required a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that could address each issue and improve the company’s overall online presence.

How Mani Media
Helped High Tide?

The cannabis-infused beverage company needed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to address their challenges and improve their overall online presence. Here are some of the solutions that were implemented:

  1. Redesign the website: We needed a complete overhaul to improve its design and user-friendliness. The new website incorporated the latest web design trends, including a modern layout, high-quality images, and detailed product descriptions. The website was also optimized for faster loading times, providing a better user experience for visitors.

  2. Improve search engine optimization (SEO): To increase organic traffic to the website, We focused on improving their SEO. This involved conducting keyword research to identify relevant keywords and phrases to include in their content. They also optimized their website structure, metadata, and content to make it more search engine-friendly.

  3. Targeted paid advertising campaigns: We implemented targeted paid advertising campaigns to drive traffic to their website. This involved identifying their target audience and creating ads that were relevant to their interests and needs. The company also optimized their ad copy and landing pages to improve their click-through rate and conversion rate.

  4. Social media marketing: We increased their social media presence by creating profiles on various social media platforms. They also shared engaging content, including photos and videos, to build brand awareness and connect with their audience.

  5. Email marketing campaign: We implemented a comprehensive email marketing campaign to connect with potential customers and build a loyal following. This involved creating a list of subscribers and sending regular newsletters and promotional emails to keep them engaged.

  6. Improving website performance: To address the high bounce rate on the website, the company made several changes to improve website performance. They optimized their website for faster loading times, removed unnecessary pop-ups, and made the website more user-friendly.

As a result of these efforts, they saw a significant increase in organic traffic to their website. Their targeted paid advertising campaigns were also more effective, resulting in increased traffic and sales. The email marketing campaign proved to be particularly successful, resulting in a more significant connection with buying customers and increased repeat sales. Overall, the digital marketing strategy successfully addressed the company’s challenges, resulting in a stronger brand presence, increased sales, and a more loyal customer base.

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