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Secret #1: Your Brand Message

As a dental office and clinic, you want to make your brand stand out from the competition. However, branding actually means much more than those advertisements or commercials you see on TV, it’s about delivering an overall experience for your patients, from their very first interaction with your clinic. And if done correctly, this could mean that patients write positive reviews about you on sites like Google or Bing which increases your credibility when potential customers are doing research or even switching dentists!

Secret #2: Your Brand Promise

A brand promise is the most essential building block of your company. It defines how you communicate what you do and why it is different from your competitors or alternatives. A strong brand begins before communication by creating a powerful promise that attracts your audience. When developing your brand, remember to ensure it’s unique and represents something that stands out to you as well as others, especially in a world where there are a million websites are available for download. After finding the right message and tone, making sure that everything linked to it speaks to this message is very important even if it is just one word or sentence somewhere on your website, blog or social media channels. Work closely with your partners early on in this process so they can align themselves and their communication accordingly, making sure that each element is communicating the intended message clearly.

Secret #3: Your Brand Mission

Your brand’s mission is the reason why you exist—your core philosophy and big-picture vision. This is not the same as your brand promise. Your mission is the goal you want to achieve through your business; doing so will hopefully serve a higher good or solve problems that people in need of at your dental offices.

Secret #4: The Target Audience 

Those looking to pursue a career in dentistry must go through several years of school to learn the basics of their major. Dentists are always learning new ways to improve their services and some even specialize in specific areas. It’s important for dental professionals to market themselves correctly, if you are too general you might be missing out on key details and the chance to appeal more directly to your target audience.


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