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Use Re-marketing ads and target specific visitors. 

Re-marketing ads are advertisements that display to people after they have visited your website. Whether or not you are using Google for paid search or contextual ads, consider an Adwords remarketing ad campaign. Adwords gives you a great tool to track what your audience likes the best and it’s easy enough to create ads with their simple wizard once you’ve uploaded your logo and typed in a few lines of text.

Whether or not you’re using Google for your PPC adverts, you might want to try retargeting visitors on the Adwords platform with image ads. The tools provided by Adwords are really great for tracking performance and creating mobile-friendly ads (even for those of us who aren’t too creative) – making it as simple as uploading a logo or an image and writing some text.

Reach Out To Visitors Who Show Interest in Your Product or Service

Since remarketing ads are not free, Google and Facebook allow marketers to create rules that will allow them to only show their ads to people who have taken specific actions on a website or on a conversion path. A great example would be using it to engage with users who have visited your shopping cart but have not made a purchase up until this moment by running an ad campaign exclusively for these types of individuals. Or you could use it instead to run ads exclusively towards people who have filled out a form specifically opting in to hear more about your product but have not bought the product yet as well. Targeting only users who have shown certain levels of intent by agreeing to hear more about what you’re offering often saves money by eliminating wasted ad spend on traffic that bears no fruit-related specifically sales or leads generated.

Measure Your Results and Refine Your Strategy

Implementing re-marketing ads to help bring users back into the conversion funnel. Just don’t forget to use your best data when making decisions about your investment! Be sure to track which ones are most effective and get insights into what works so you can focus on what’s driving results. If you have any open leads, ensure that you’re bringing new customers into your business so as not to lose out on opportunities which might benefit your top and bottom line.

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