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When beginning with Pay Per Click advertising, many people will go a step further and send visitors who click on their paid links directly to the company homepage. This can be done from within Google AdWords or other platforms. While it’s certainly possible to get business opportunities out of this direction, there are several factors that determine how effective this approach really is. One such technique for getting leads for PPC ads is the use of Landing Pages. A landing page is an area specifically designed to gather information from prospects who are interested in the product being offered. These pages do not need to be fancy, or time-consuming to create. Instead, they should offer simple tools and relevant information geared toward potential customers. A landing page with a comparison chart or free sample could make all the difference between someone purchasing your item or opting out of the process altogether.

Increasing Your Conversion Rate

No one likes to click on a website link only to find that the content presented is something else other than what they were expecting. The most effective way for someone who ends up here to convert would be for you to align your landing page with what your ad copy promises them and with what kind of business you are in. Planning out a custom landing page will help increase the likelihood of visitors turning into new customers immediately because all the information they need, right down to any special offers or coupons is included on this landing page. When written correctly, it’s not hard at all to imagine why people would be more compelled to work with you rather than give up and run back to Google…

An additional advantage to running your PPC ad through an effective landing page is that Google takes special notice of you. When you have more visitors choosing to stay longer and convert at a higher rate on your site, Google knows that you are progressive in thought and have useful content for searchers who click through from their ads. As such, they reward your efforts by placing your ads in a better position on their search engine and showing them more often to encourage more people to visit your website where hopefully they will convert (in this case) into paying customers!

How do you Build a Winning Landing Page?

  • Focus on CTA!!!

The landing page of your website is the end result of search engine optimization and marketing campaigns. Your PPC campaign, an ad on Facebook or the Google search algorithm for instance might have brought visitors to your site. They may be coming just because you made a particular offer, you cited one of your products or services in your ad copy for example. That being said, it’s important to make sure that the landing page you direct them to focus on a clear call to action that appeals specifically to what they were looking for in the first place – so if someone found you through a plumbing company ad maybe they don’t want water-saving products though they could definitely use immediate assistance in their plumbing emergency! Make sure that your call to action directs these customers directly to your booking system where they can schedule an appointment ASAP rather than offering them something else completely unrelated!

  • Keep Your Landing Page CLEAN + SIMPLE

Going back to the plumbing example, a landing page that’s geared towards this idea may look like this: If you search for plumbers in your area, chances are you’ll see an advertisement for a plumbing company that promises “Same Day Plumbing Services.” Notice the wording on the advertisement: it’s written in such a way as to make sure that you don’t question the fact that it does offer same-day services. But what precisely does “Same Day” mean? This company always has labourers ready to answer your call 24/7, 365 days a year. By keeping the landing page simple and to the point, you’re able to instill a sense of trust to your consumers. 


It’s important that the content you put on your landing pages online is both compelling and well thought out. Having words and phrases people are more used to seeing in the written form helps grab their attention making them feel as if they can trust your brand immediately on arrival. Different people opt for different types of photos when it comes to what they prefer looking at so we’re sure everyone has their own preference as far as how you should compose your next campaign photo, just don’t make them look away!

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