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You know a Facebook campaign isn’t converting but you’re not quite sure why? This is where most marketers get stuck. You are showing the ads to the right audience, getting a good amount of engagement yet at the end of the funnel, people are dropping off. People aren’t converting. The culprit? That could be any one of a number of issues. Maybe the button to opt-in is too far from your CTA or maybe…you’re leaving out obvious benefits as well as your brand’s promise or maybe people are just not reading your landing page! You’ve probably guessed it already – we’re talking about clarity here! People need to know what your offer is right away: why they should care and how they will benefit! 

Split Testing

Split testing is a marketing strategy used in which two versions of something are tested against each other to see which performs better. The goal is usually to identify ways to increase the rate at which customers take certain actions or convert.


Add testimonials, and media coverage and share the good vibes! Give your brand some credibility by featuring stories from customers who have already been able to enjoy the benefits of what you have to offer. Studies show that reviews are 12-times more trusted than product descriptions and sales copy. When users land on a page that has testimonials or social proof, they tend to trust the brand more and their chances of converting become higher. Make use of reviews, referrals and/or endorsements in your online presence to help build credibility for users about your company through real feedback from real people so as to increase trust levels toward your brand which will make it much easier for new prospects to convert into paying customers eventually. Add social sharing buttons and use exact numbers and data in your testimonials if you can because it is an extremely effective way to demonstrate a quality product. or service offerings.

Call to Action

The impact of your call-to-action depends on two things: where you put it and the text on it. Your call-to-action should have a clear message, in order to be effective. The CTA has to stand out from the rest of your copy, so use colours, fonts, or contrasting colours for your CTA so that it can clearly stand out from the rest of your text. Also, keep in mind that there is no silver bullet when it comes to any element of conversion rate optimization (CRO). There are many different types of calls-to-action depending on what you are trying to sell or offer:

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