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Here are the key components that make up Google’s Small Business Universe for business owners:

  • Google my business
  • Google search console
  • Google ads (AdWords)

These are all great tools to help you grow your small business. 

Google my Business

This is one of the top ways local businesses are being found or rather how they’re getting discovered. Today, there’s a Google 3 Pack result when people look for terms that are clear for businesses around them. So first and foremost, if you own a business in the United States, Canada or the UK (for now) within 30 miles of a major city or area with a population of 100k+, you should open up a Google My Business account as soon as possible and try to get your business showing up in maps search results. This is vital because if you don’t have this done, your competitors will beat out your listing each time a potential client does an online search for your products or services! But on top of these tips, there are many other factors that play into this such as Page Titles, Description Tags and so much more which we will be discussing. Here’s how to optimize your listing:

  • No duplicate listings
  • Narrow down to a specific category for your business 
  • Name, Address and Phone Numbers should correspond to the ones on the website
  • Add Images and videos 
  • Increase positive reviews for your business as high reviews are a huge ranking factor. 


In addition, here is a list of some things you can start doing right now:

  • Respond to all reviews – both positive and negative
  • Use Google Posts – This new feature will allow you to showcase mini blog posts within the google my business listing. 
  • Check your listing frequently as you do not want anyone suggesting inaccurate edits to your listing which people have the ability to do so by clicking the Suggest an Edit feature in the public listing.

Google Search Console

This tool has been your number one resource for in-depth data and performance metrics when it comes to all things SEO. We’re excited to report that they have begun the rollout of a brand new version, so while you might notice some differences while navigating it, rest assured that everything is still there.


To set everything up why don’t we check in to Google Search Console:

  • Claim and Verify your Website
  • Add your sitemap
  • Check your messages – google will communicate about your website and any issues you may be facing. 
  • Integrate Google Search Console with Google Analytics – this will help track goals and conversions

Google Ads

New Features in Google Ads

Local Ads – Local campaign focuses on small local businesses and makes it possible to run an ad in a specific geographical area depending on your business. 

Response Search Ad – Google does A/B testing for you. You’re able to input up to 15 headlines, 300 characters and 4 descriptions in the pool where they’ll mix up all the combinations (including extensions) and test on your behalf (leading to roughly 40,000+ possible combinations) so that you know what you have chosen for your ads works best to give you the most click-through rate (or other desired performance).

Local Services Ads From Google – This is something we’ve seen recently and it’s been expanding very rapidly.  They highlight the business name and a clickable phone number through which you can request an appointment for your home service business. 

HERE’s how to sign up for Local Service Ads

  • Go to – ads
  • Download
  • Create A Profile 
  • Set Google Guaranteed 
  • Set a monthly budget in Google ads.
  • Respond Promptly
  • Get Positive reviews
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