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Outside of the world of marketing, it’s often assumed that pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Nevertheless, many factors go into building an efficient and productive campaign. Perhaps the most important element is the relationship you build with your user. PPC success depends on how a potential customer feels about your company when they encounter your advertisement, or “ad.”

Ad Targeting and Customers’

The everyday company has been using and targeting ads on Google. The advertisements that you see and hear on youtube, google news, your shopping feed and even your every day ads are tailored to what you like. To do that is by creating a list of ads that cater to your particular interest. They target this information based on search history and other results from people who have visited sites similar to topic searches. The purpose of digital advertising is to connect with an audience more effectively through relevant content in the form of peer preferred communication rather than mass media format.

Targeting can be a valuable tool for marketers during the digital age. Knowing exactly who you want to reach and where they are located is certainly beneficial, but it doesn’t stop there: Your advertisements need to be effective in order for your company to see success. Without an accompanying experience when someone clicks on your ad, you may lose out on leads that could have been yours for the taking. Targeting allows your business the ability to examine and understand more about your potential customer base, so there’s no end to what you may learn as well!

Ad Copy & Design 

One of the most difficult parts of advertising online is capturing people’s attention. A lot of companies struggle with this, but it makes choosing where to advertise even more important. At Mani Media, we focus on creating ad campaigns that not only have relevant targeting but also quality input about what people will actually like.

Landing Page, User Experience and Visitor Tracking 

Having a quality landing page for your ads can be just as important as the ad itself because it is what convinces a visitor to click on an ad. Without having a quality landing page, you run the risk of confusing or alienating customers because they may not understand what the goal of their action is or what information they will receive at the end of it. It’s important to create pages that align with your target audience and speak their language so that they are both able to convert and understand exactly what has been promised to them!

Site speed plays a large role in how your website performs. If you don’t optimize multiple sites that mean nothing to Google or other search engines might leave your brand with impacted performance because pages will slow down and visitors won’t wait around for pages to load so they’ll go back to other websites. So make sure you look at maximizing user experience when trying to convert the potential of each individual page and looking at the ways each page impacts overall site performance so that Google won’t have any reason to not list your business higher in its SERPs including having an authority blog with lots of great content. 

Using Google Analytics is especially helpful for business owners who need to track their visitors exactly what people are doing on their website – where they got involved, where they may have fallen off, and which sections of the website you should be targeting with your SEO strategy as well as your PPC marketing plan. Most businesses don’t even take advantage of this amazing resource!

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