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Mistake number 1: Keywords are in Broad Match 

This method can be very expensive and it’s very important to know when and how to use them. Say your AdWords is set to default, ‘Broad Match’, which can cause your advertisements to match a vast array of searches you didn’t intend. For example, if you put “trousers” in Broad Match – then your ad may appear when someone types in “blue trousers”, “printed trousers” or even something odd like “plastic trousers”.

Mistake number 2: The Need For An Immediate Sale

A common mistake when beginning AdWords is to immediately go for a sale. In some industries an immediate sale makes sense, but in many industries, user interest isn’t immediate. For example, users may not be ready to buy during the first interaction with your company. As an example, if the user clicks on an ad and is taken to a site where the only option is a specific product being sold right away if they aren’t ready to purchase they have no choice but to leave your site without providing any valuable data. Instead of requiring that people make a purchase right, at first sight, we advise our clients to provide plenty of other useful resources such as webinars or special offers that don’t require immediate action on their part which will help them get acquainted with your products effectively while attracting new leads and customers.

Mistake number 3: Sending Users To The Homepage 

Once you determine what kind of goals your AdWords campaign is trying to achieve, you’ll have to link those goals with the page where your products or services can be seen and purchased. A common mistake smaller businesses make is sending their users to the homepage instead of a landing page in which they’re exploiting the specific benefits that are being offered. Websites often aren’t optimized for conversions since they focus on making it easy for internet users to navigate through all that it has to offer so as not to scare off potential customers early in their experience on said website. They want people to stay just enough to explore all that their website has but with the intent of converting them into lifelong repeat customers!

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