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Remarketing is an incredible opportunity for you to recapture the attention of customers who have already shown interest in your brand. When you choose to take things step-by-step and create a real strategy for reaching out to various segments of your audience, you can make marketing campaigns that yield great ROI.

  1. Set SMART Goal – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Bound. Defining these goals helps ensure your objective are attainable within a time frame.
  2. Decide where you want to advertise – The major benefit to advertising on social media is that you are likely to get likes, and shares from interested people who are already engaged in what you have to share (in other words they are already interested in your brand!). You see search engine advertising will follow your customers across internet portals of interest. Based on current performance analytics we can determine if we are generating any leads or sales since this data is partially shared between the website and online advertising platform(s)
  3. Define your audience – When crafting your advertising campaign, you need to create ads that are targeted toward the specific audience you’re trying to reach. Defining your target market early on helps to make sure each ad is shown only in front of the people most likely to see it and understand it. It’s important to not waste any time or money showing a single ad to someone who might not be interested, which could result in a poor ROI and affect future outcomes negatively.
  4. Run your Ads and TRACK YOUR RESULTS – The final step is to get your ads up and running! Fortunately, advertising platforms provide detailed analytics so that you can accurately measure the results of your campaigns. The analytics allow you to measure engagement and conversions on each ad. Armed with this information, you can tweak your strategy as you go. 


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