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Advertising online is a great way to promote your business, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be tracked! We all know how important it is to have accountability when we spend money on advertising. Some ads work better than others and you want to know exactly why. Now you can track them so you don’t waste any more of your marketing budget on ads and campaigns that didn’t work as well as desired. All in all, tracking ads is essential if you want to grow as a company and remain a viable contender in the market for years to come.

Google Analytics 

In Google Analytics, you’re able to set up conversions for your business. A conversion occurs when someone completes a desired action on your website, and every goal-oriented business should be tracking as many conversions as possible! For example, let’s say that a contractor is looking to generate leads for future contracts. He or she might want to set up a specific conversion for folks who complete the “request a quote” form in their lead capturing landing page.

This would let the contractor easily track how many of his or her site visitors are taking the necessary steps toward getting new projects. On the other end of things, if you own an online clothing store, your main concern is seeing how effective your storefront is at bringing customers in, which means you’d be more focused on successful checkouts rather than just any kind of request coming through (say in the form of an email).

Link Your Ads

Google Ads helps you enjoy a much more seamless advertising experience. You can see things like impressions, clickthrough rate and conversions for each individual campaign so you can clearly see how people are interacting with your ads vs. the actions they take on your site. When you link accounts, Google Ads will then connect the dots between what happens on your site and what is done from your ads by showing you in one easy-to-read report all the data and information you need to understand which ads are bringing in specific visitors that convert into customers.

Learn From Your Mistakes

By tracking your advertising, you are also doing yourself a huge favour by taking all of the guesswork out of your marketing strategies. For example, maybe after investigating these stats, you realized that while one ad performed well, another failed and wasn’t converting as you had hoped. Or maybe in this tracking process, you learned that various ads were driving people to the website without getting lost and on their website.  That is when things get interesting for determining what might work going into your next campaign.

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