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Pay-per-click (PPC) has been a key element of advertising for years and will continue to have an increasingly important role in marketing strategies over time. Perhaps the most consistent change we see with PPC is how often, rules change! Google and other platforms regularly add new features and remove older ones so it’s important for companies to be nimble because that ensures they develop the best possible strategy based on the latest developments.

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Automation will RULE

Automation has become one of the key elements in paid search. We’ve noticed that the Google Ads program that allows marketers to create multiple headlines and descriptions for ads as a part of its responsive search ads program. 


What makes this feature so great is that it pairs different headlines and descriptions together to find the combination with the highest level of efficacy while giving you, as a marketer or business owner, room to focus on just one element: execution. 


Automation enables advertisers to get more strategic with what they wish to advertise overall, bring in more leads/sales/conversions via cost-effective means, and ultimately maximize their ROI by intelligently optimizing the effectiveness of their advertising approach in practice.

Did You Hear About Videos?

If you’re not running video ads, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to connect your brand with customers. Video is the format of choice for people choosing where to spend their ad dollars. More and more consumers are indicating that video is their preferred medium for learning more about a company. And while it may cost more than traditional text-based ads, one advantage that video has over text ads is its ability to capture attention in a sea of content. Plus, once created, video ads can be scaled across enormous audiences, helping you get an even bigger reach for your money than your competitors.

Google’s New Ad Offerings

It seems like not so long ago that Google was simply a search engine where ads popped up based on keywords entered. Now, ads are much more complicated. They can incorporate images and video, display specific to certain industries (like Local Service ads) and even charge monthly fees to businesses who want additional features on the Google My Business Platform.


 Rumors suggest that these changes could include charging for map listings, but there are no indications of what might be coming or how it will be rolled out to business owners. A lot of people are excited about new kinds of ads on social media sites like Snapchat, Messenger and Facebook timeline pages. Watch for updated offerings from Google – when you stay current with the changes in advertising tactics, you’ll be able to invest money into new strategies before they take off!

Think Audience, not Keywords

It’s been all about the research of finding the right keywords for your ad campaign. With engines like Google making it easier and more user-friendly for marketing campaigns, it has become a great opportunity to reach out to customers and conduct business in an entirely new way. Why do keyword research and then refine your approach when you can instead target ads to people who are most likely going to find your ads relevant?

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